On March 14, 59club, which brings together the world’s most outstanding golf resorts and hotel chains, announced the best of 2023. Estonian Golf & Country Club is happy to announce that Jõelähtme Da Vinci Golf Restaurant has won the title of the best golf restaurant in Northern Europe!

Five nominees competed for the title of the best golf restaurant in Northern Europe. The victorious Da Vinci was followed by Esbjerg Golf Club and The Scandinavian restaurants from Denmark and Linna Golf and Pickala Golf restaurants from Finland.

Estonian Golf & Country Club was also nominated in the best team category, when on this occasion the Danish golf club The Scandinavian team had to be recognized as superior. The five nominees also included Esbjerg Golfklub and Københavns Golf Klub from Denmark and Linna Golf from Finland.

The chairman of the board of AS EGCC Hanno Kross and the manager of the restaurant Kersti Kuus were present at the European Service Excellence Award 2024 award ceremony held at Camiral Golf & Wellness Resort, who send happy greetings from Spain to the super hardworking restaurant team and all the associates.

“We have been doing our business for twenty years. The team is strong and everyone always wants to learn, improve and be the best. This has now been noticed and the result of hard work has been presented here,” said Rain Uusküla, owner and CEO of Da Vinci Food. “I believe that our victory will bring even more golf tourists to Estonian Golf & Country Club, because we have a good package: good course, good restaurant, good service,” added Uusküla, who also contributed to EGCC’s activities as club captain for the last three years.

“It’s one thing to win, but it’s another thing to keep this quality and at least continue as well,” said Kersti, who was most impressed by the attention paid to the little things at every step. “Most of the time these small details don’t cost anything, but they matter to people,” Kersti got plenty of inspiration in Spain for the 2024 season, both for her daily work in the restaurant and in her personal life. “It’s a cool recognition, but you can always get better,” Kersti was convinced.

“59club mystery shopping has fifteen criterias, of which the restaurant takes one part. For example, when a person comes to a restaurant, they monitor whether they make eye contact. If you didn’t make the eye contact, you get minus points. Who says hello first, the customer or the server, and so on. There are very specific assessment criteria for all fifteen subjects. Our restaurant received the most points in Northern Europe among those who buy this mystery shopping service. And the best buy the service,” explained Hanno behind 59club, which distributes service awards.

“In the second category, Leading Individual Golf Operations Team, we fell short of Denmark’s top club The Scandinavian. There is an absolutely incredible feeling when you enter the clubhouse, not to mention that chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants are hired in the kitchen to prepare their high-end dishes,” Hanno also sees great recognition in reaching the top five.

European Service Excellence Award

59club’s prestigious accolades honour outstanding Venues, Teams, and Individuals in the global golf & hospitality industry consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences for members and guests.

The selection process remains unbiased, relying on scores attained through an in-depth and objective mystery shopping program. This program meticulously evaluates the experiences provided to members, visitors, and potential members across Golf, Greenkeeping, Retail, and F&B operations.

This year, in addition to the awards for the best golf restaurant (Leading Individual Food & Beverage Experience) and the best team (Leading Individual Golf Operations Team), the following awards were distributed between the golf centers belonging to the regions of Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Western Europe: Leading Individual Retail Experience, Leading Individual Golf Course Presentation, Leading Individual Golf Visit Experience.

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