A strong handshake, certificate, and name on the Hole-in-One wall await Hole-in-One golfers from the club’s management.

Don’t forget to stop by the Caddiemaster after a successful round of golf so we can congratulate you. We are happy to share your joy, photos, and videos with other players.

TimeName CourseHole Club
19.06.2024Hindrek JõelehtSea Course17hybrid 3
13.06.2024Tuuli TrompSea Course5hybrid
23.05.2024Seija ArolaSea Course10hybrid
08.05.2024Jukka NikkanenSea Course10iron 6
23.08.2023Helena KaskSea Course10iron 8
17.08.2023Kairi LuurSea Course10P wedge
09.08.2023Martins PriedeStone Course3iron 7
09.08.2023Saskia Greta TiivasSea Course10iron 8
10.06.2023Aki SipiläSea Course17iron 7
10.05.2023Andre LaineSea Course5raud 7
11.09.2022Kairi AuväärtSea Course10iron 8
02.09.2022Karl BauerSea Course17iron 8
30.08.2022Andrej KraljSea Course17
29.07.2022Erik AronijaSea Course10hybrid 3
06.07.2022Svetlana ApartSea Course17wood 3
28.05.2022Nikoljas ZahartsenkoSea Course17iron 5
01.05.2022Kaido PetterSea Course10iron 7
30.04.2022Janno ReimandStone Course3iron 8
03.04.2022Riina VettusStone Course3pitch
19.09.2021Tiit JärvekülgSea Course10
22.08.2021Kristo KarilaidSea Course17iron 5
03.07.2021Monica PihlakSea Course8iron 6
11.06.2021Sander KukkSea Course5raud 7
08.06.2021Ain HanschmidtSea Course8hybrid 5
20.05.2021 Raivo PiiborSea Course8iron 5
30.04.2021Annika SuttSea Course8hybrid 6
22.04.2021Rain LokotarStone Course8
12.10.2020Ülle KinkSea Course10
26.08.2020Johanna Maria MägiSea Course10iron 9
03.07.2020Epp AasaruSea Course8driver
03.07.2020Alo MaidlaStone Course3pitch
31.08.2019Mihkel LekkSea Course8iron 6
29.06.2019Joonas VilkkiSea Course8iron 7
23.11.2018Andre LaineStone Course3iron 7
14.10.2018 Ruut KangustSea Course5
11.07.2018Heikki PykäläinenStone Course8
29.04.2018Heikki PormeisterSea Course8
27.11.2017Arvo TammikStone Course3hybrid 4
01.05.2017Andres MauerSea Course10iron 7
06.09.2016Kristjan LeppSea Course5
04.09.2016Brita AganitšPar3 Course8driver
12.08.2016Erko TähtSea Course10iron 9
06.08.2016Simon ZachSea Course10iron 7
13.07.2016Sulev LadvaStone Course3iron 8
25.06.2016Andres SooSea Course17hybrid G25
17.06.2016Andres MauerSea Course10iron 5
04.06.2016Ville PiiponenSea Course17iron 9
31.05.2016Mihkel LekkSea Course17iron 9
20.05.2016Jonne EskoSea Course10iron 9
15.05.2016Jaen UussaluSea Course17iron 7
06.09.2015Avo LillemäeSea Course5iron 6
10.04.2015Toomas KullStone Course3iron 3
08.04.2015Liis OperSea Course10
10.03.2015Indrek AhunStone Course8iron 6
08.09.2014Marina KrugerStone Course3
08.09.2014Mait SchmidtSea Course8wood 5
30.08.2014Siim SildmäeSea Course10iron 7
11.08.2014Veiko MeosSea Course5iron 7
19.07.2014Peep TammemäeSea Course17
15.07.2014Ahti KitsikStone Course3iron 7
10.06.2014Richard JürgensonSea Course10iron 8
21.05.2014Jarmo HalonenSea Course17iron 4
14.05.2014Raul KälloSea Course5iron 5
02.05.2014Martti NurmiSea Course8wood 7
24.02.2014 Inna TerasStone Course8wood 1
11.08.2013Andres MauerSea Course17hybrid 3
01.08.2013Peep SiimonSea Course10iron 6
25.07.2013Kristi RämmalStone Course3iron 6
03.07.2013Egert PõldmaSea Course10iron 7
15.06.2013Liis TammekiviStone Course3hybrid 5
28.05.2013Mait SchmidtSea Course5iron 6
03.05.2013Alpo TaloSea Course8wood 8
06.10.2012Aavo KoppelStone Course3
25.05.2012Erkki SarapuuStone Course3iron 7
25.05.2012Ain TrompSea Course17iron 3
20.05.2012Kaido KonsapSea Course5iron 7
26.12.2011 Sulev RaudseppStone Course8iron 7
15.08.2011Väino ValtsSea Course5iron 4
10.07.2011Kristi MaeSea Course10iron 7
29.06.2011Kadi MaidreSea Course17hybrid 4
24.05.2011Ilkka TerkomaaSea Course5wood 5
25.06.2009Margit RaidSea Course5iron 5
31.05.2009Väino ValtsSea Course17wood 5
28.06.2008Anneli EskenSea Course17iron 5
27.05.2008Alar SimsonSea Course5
11.10.2007Markku PekkinenSea Course10
05.09.2007Ain TrompSea Course10iron 8
05.08.2007Villu PõldmäeSea Course8hybrid 3
29.07.2007Roger RoperSea Course17
03.07.2007Jorma EricssonSea Course17
21.05.2007Aari StaldeStone Course3iron 7
15.09.2006Markku TiihonenSea Course10iron 7
15.04.2005Neeme NõmmeStone Course3iron 7

The Hole-in-One rules

  • You need at least one witness who is with you in your round.
  • You must play at least nine holes for a Hole-in-One to be official.
  • You must start your hole from the official tee off area.
  • There is also an “unofficial” rule which has become a tradition among golfers. If you are lucky enough to strike a Hole-in-One, you can celebrate after your round is over, by buying a round of drinks for everyone in the club.