Become a member

The members of the association MTÜ Estonian Golf & Country Club may be all natural and legal persons who apply for membership and:

  • are interested in achieving the association’s aim,
  • acknowledge the provisions of the Statutes of MTÜ Estonian Golf and Country Club, golf rules adopted by the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews and the principle of Fair Play,
  • make payments to the association following the order established by the Statutes and the competent authority of the association.

Rights and obligations

  • The membership of the association is individual and is not transferable.
  • Admission to membership is decided by the board.
  • Members have the right to participate in events organized by the club and to use the sports facilities created by the club and the club’s symbols in accordance with the rules established by the club.
  • The members of the association shall follow the statutes and provisions of the association’s authorities.
  • Members pay on the regular basis and without delays the membership fee and other payments.
  • Members have the right to withdraw from the club at any time.
  • A complete and exact list of the rights and obligations of the members has been published in the Statutes of MTÜ Estonian Golf & Country Club Articles of Association.
  • You can learn more about the World Handicap System here
  • You can learn more about golf insurance here


EGCC membership fees 2024 paying period is from 1st of January to 15th of March.

Initial Fee

  • Adults 100 €
  • U21 juniors 50 €

Yearly Fee

  • Adults 125 €
  • U14–U21 juniors 50 €
  • U13 kids 30 €

MTÜ Estonian Golf and Country Club
Reg no: 80184907
IBAN: EE627700771001633789

Membership application form

Please send the digitally signed application by e-mail to If you have any questions, feel free to call +372 6025 290.