PAR3 Course

PAR3 Course comprises 9 par three holes marked within the Stone Course. The holes range from 85 to 148 meters.

Although the course was primarily built with children and beginners in mind, anyone is welcomed to play from these markers.

It’s a fun, relaxed way to enjoy the game from a new perspective!

Can I play without a Green Card?

Yes, you can. On a PAR3 Course, a player does not need to have completed a Green Card course. However, it is important that the beginning golfer is accompanied by a golfer with a valid playing right or Green Fee who ensures safety, guides and regulates the playing tempo.

When is the best time to play?

There are usually fewer regular players for these times, which gives the beginner more opportunities to test shots and enjoy the game: in the morning during the week at noon during the week in the afternoon or evening

  • in the morning during the week
  • during the week at noon
  • during the week in the afternoon or evening

We recommend allowing up to two hours to play the nine holes. A maximum of four players can take part in a round of golf at a time. Start times are at ten-minute intervals.

How much does it cost?

The Green Fee for the PAR3 course on the Stone Course includes the rental of golf clubs. The price list is here.

How can I book a tee time?

Please book a game time at Chronogolf before arriving. If you do not have access to Chronogolf, contact via phone +372 6025 290 or email