Why connect your business to golf?

Golf is one of the best ways to spend time with friends, colleagues or business partners. There are around 66,6 million golfers in the world, and a large number of them play golf not only as a hobby or competitive sport but also for business purposes – to maintain relationships with both corporate and regular customers.

There are already many companies in Estonia that have discovered the joys of golf for themselves and also their customers to spend time discussing the world in a different setting.

The popularity of golf is growing rapidly in Estonia now, and more and more you can hear the line – “Let’s go and discuss this on the golf course!”

The work done so far in bringing our partners’ customers to golf has been extremely successful, and we believe that working with us will enable your company to effectively communicate its brand and products to new potential customers and at the same time strengthen customer relationships with existing ones.


Estonian Golf & Country Club has long experience in arranging corporate competitions and international competitions.

In case of competitions, the company has the possibility to offer its clients a great competition experience together with benefits of a closed event. It is also a possibility to turn to new clients.

The entire golf course can be labelled using your company’s theme and logos – flags in front of the clubhouse, tee-markers, green flags, token bags in dressing rooms, etc.

Golf Demos

For those who have no previous experience in golf, we can offer a golf demo under the guidance of a professional during the event.

Golf demo can be arranged any time most suitable for you and for a target group of your own choice (employees, partners, friends).

Estonian Golf & Country Club’s marketing products include:

  • Lead partner position or strict partnership
  • Hole sponsorship
  • Competition name sponsorship
  • Competition series name sponsorship
  • Corporate competitions
  • Buggy branding
  • Golf car branding

Let’s talk about golf!

Active golf season lasts from April to October. When it’s minus degrees outside, our courses are closed and preparations for the next season are in full swing. Regardless of the season and the weather, feel free to contact:


Hanno Kross, CEO
+372 511 1192