When I took over the academy I started with only one trainer and not so much information about how many kids and adults that were in training last year. After looking at the numbers from memberlists and doing some detective work, I made a realistic plan. We needed to arrange trainings for 16 kids where most were elite players and if we were lucky 32 adults. In other words, 2 groups for kids/juniors and 4 groups for adults. Let us say that those numbers were too low.

We are now up in 7 groups for kids/juniors and soon 10 groups for adults, and still that will not last for long. New groups are filled up in around five days. 16 kids that was the plan is now 62 kids and 32 adults is now almost 70. To add to this we are already way above the number of green card we had last year.

First of all I want to thank all trainers and assistants that do a wonderful work with groups that just growing. Rein Auväärt focus on golf demos and private green cards, Cristofer Herman and Maxime Chardon handle the adult- and elite trainings and Egeti Liiv handle the kidstrainings with help of Oliver Treufeldt and the assistance of Sander Koskinen and Nicky Lautre. We also have support from Swedish national team coach Martin Olsson to make us move to the next level. To have such an experienced team that has bought into the vision for the Academy gives us a foundation for a great future. 

As Academy Manager there are many things that are moving at the same time and sometimes I just need to smile and think about that atleast I can’t complain on having nothing to do. We are all doing our best in all this workload, so if you need to wait an extra day or two for an answer on your mail, it just mean that I had to prioritize other things before. To make communication more easy regarding the trainings, we also start using the Sportlyzer program.

We are waiting for the new paysystem for the balldispenser that is on it’s way from Denmark. When installed, you can use Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian and many more languages to get the range balls from the dispenser and also control everything from an Estonian app on your phone. EGCC has helped the producer to translated it to Estonian.

The short game area will also be updated with re-building some of the bunkers and fresh up the others. On the range will come more target flags between 50 and 100 meter to train the wedges. Will also come an drive-alley that has the same with as a normal fairway to train tee-shots from different angles.

The Plan 36 and Game of 6 are also shortly up and running on the Stone course, to add course management training for all members.

The Academy lounge is now open for members and we see more and more coming in for a little relax between range and course, or parents that sits there and relax when their kid has training. Renovations to the Academy Building and Driving Range will continue throughout the summer and we will soon be able to share more good news.

I’m happy to provide the members with training and it is actually a positive problem that we already are at the numbers expected for August 2024.

We want as many as possible to get the best possible activity and stay in golf as long as possible.

Elagu EGCC!

Peter Holmberg,
Jõelähtme Golf Academy manager