Friday morning’s view of the Sea Course’s 7th hole. Photo: Andri Schmidt

This week, so much snow fell in Jõelähtme that it made us doubt whether the calendar says April 26 or January 117… The beautiful fluffy white blanket caused a lot of trouble and filled the lower places of the Sea Course with water again. Unfortunately, the Sea Course remains closed because of severe wet conditions.

Temperatures will rise higher every day and we will let you know when the first Sea Course tee times are open.

Stone Course, Driving Range and clubhouse are open

Starting at 12 noon on Friday, April 26, the Stone Course, clubhouse, Driving Range and other practice facilities will be open again as usual.

See also: opening times

Restaurant is open every day

Jõelähtme Da Vinci Golf Restaurant will be open every day from April 27:

  • Mon–Sat 11 am to 9 pm (the kitchen until 8:30 pm)
  • Sun 1 am to 7 pm (the kitchen until 6:30 pm)

If you arrive before the opening hours, you can get snacks and coffee drinks from the self-service coffee point.

Children’s group trainings starts on May 1

We welcome beginners as well as kids aged 6 years and older and juniors up to 21 years old who have already been introduced to golf:

  • Kids U9: Tue & Thu 5 pm
  • Kids U12: Tue & Thu 6 pm
  • Juniors U16-U21: Wed 5 pm

One trial lesson is free, but definitely requires registration.

Group trainings and private lessons for adults

Jõelähtme Golf Academy’s adult group trainings still have a few spots available. Green Card courses for golf beginners take place almost every week.

Check out the schedule and sign up! Or contact our coaches and sign up for a private golf lesson.