Why to take private lessons?

The answer is simple – to improve at the game we love! Golf is complex game that is very difficult to learn on your own.
It can be frustrating to stand over the ball before swinging and worry whether the ball will fly straight.
Golf is a much more enjoyable game when the flight of the ball is controlled and travels towards the intended target.

Who should take private lessons?

Every golfer who wants to become better should take private lessons. 
A beginner should realize the importance of a proper foundation as her or she begins the process of learning the game. 
After deciding to take private lessons, golfers should make it a goal to practice independently between lessons. 
As with any new skill, patience is important since it takes time for muscle memory to form, resulting in a repeatable swing. 

At EGCC, private lessons can only be given by the members of Estonian PGA:

  • PGA PRO    Enrico Villo       
  • PGA PRO    Rein Auväärt    
  • PGA PRO    Priit Jalasto      

More information about various training programs and lessons are available on webpage Nextgolf