Last year we celebrated our tenth anniversay. Since the founding of the Club we have organised annual competitions - the most significant of our traditions.

  • Our official season of competitions begins on 10th April with the  EGCC Links Masters with DELUX on the Stone Course. Thanks to our  competition sponsor,  Delux, a few successful participants will be able to relax under a new blanket supported by new pillows. 
  • EGCC Anniversary Tournament  is to be held on Friday 27th May this year. In addition to the competition you can expect great entertainment and post-competition refreshments. The choice of a Friday is based on the idea of giving players an opportunity to socialise after the game. The competiton is organised like last year on the Sea Course with up to HCP 28 players and on the Stone Course with over HCP 28 players. 
  • EGCC President Cup is to be held on 25th June. It has been our most popular competition for years with dozens of players on the waiting list. We look forward to our partner LEXUS presenting a car to the first to get a HOLE IN ONE on hole 10. This competition, traditionally held in September, has been moved to a date in June, directly after Jaanipäev at the request of the president.
  •        Our 42 hole EGCC Golf Marathon will be held on Monday 27th June in order to challenge the post-Jaanipäev sprit with a  10-hour endeavour to retain a pre-Jaanipäev waistline. We are certain to see the participants of previous competitions again and we would like to encourage more players to join the competitions.
  •        The traditional EGCC Captain's Challenge by Ballantine  is held on 8th July and is an important competition organised on the initiative of  EGCC's captain Urmas Isok. As always, EGCC will play Niitvalja and the captain of the matchplay team which finishes in second place must pay the total bill of a night in a good restaurant! We are looking forward to an exciting Captain's challenge and another extremely thrilling match between the two clubs.
  • EGCC TrophyThe competition used to be run as a four-day event but due to low numbers of participants (max 40), we have decided to skip a year and hold a 1-day competition on  8th August, a day after the  European Championships for Men but the same terms and with the same flag combinations.
  •        Club championship are held on the second weekend of August and this year we are expecting large numbers of participants in the EGCC Championship, as we have 750 EGCC members and candidate members. At this event we crown the stroke play champion, as well as the matchplay champion who should be apparent by August. 
  •        For the last time this decade we are organising the Estonian Stroke Play Championship - having done it in four consecutive years, we hope that Estonian golf will benefit from competitions arriving at other Estonian golfing locations.  The Porsche Estonian Stroke Play Championship on will be held 26th-28th August.  
  • October sees a two-day EGCC Links Championshipon the Stone Course on 8th-9th October and the season ends with the EGCC Cross Country on 15th October. The end-of-the-season party is held on 22th October at the Estonia Concert Hall. You are invited to enjoy beautiful music, followed by a grand party.


In addition to the above, we continue the following series of competitions: 

  •   Series "Võrguvara, Fortinet ja Sõbrad" for families and friends is held on the following dates: 26.04, 18.05, 14.06, 19.07, 6.09
  •    The Ever Popular EGCC 50+ tournamentwill run this year as well on the following dates : 9.05, 23.05, 6.06, 20.06, 4.07, 18.07, 15.08, 22.08, 16.09, 7.09 and 19.09
  • K-rauta Wednesday - HCP Stroke Playwill be merging with the  Bauschmidt Singles League. The category of up to HCP 9,4 will be added this year. K-rauta Wednesdays take place on the following dates: 4.05, 1.06, 29.06, 13.07, 24.08, 14.09 (two days before the Estonian Championship!)  
  •       We continue with the beginner-oriented competition series Rising Star  the dates for which will be fixed by the end of February.


 Only a few EGCC 2016 desk calendars remain to be picked up in our winter office at 15 Müürivahe. We wish you a happy new season!