On the last Sunday of August, a team os EGCC members played a friendly match with members of the world's oldest golf club, Royal Blackheath Golf Club. The is the second time the match has been played on the Sea Course, and our club's players were victorious with a score of 4-3.


Members of the EGCC at the Royal Blackheath Clubhouse 2015, in the middle pic at the EGCC's Matches in 2013, and the bottom picture for dinner in 2010 in our clubhouse

The first time, we competed was in 2010 here, then in Blackheath in 2011, back here again in 2013, and last year in England. The day before that game we enjoyed odds of 73:1 in spectator numbers to see the Estonian-English football at Wembley. The next day we lost to Blackheath for the third time in a row on the golf course.

This year's team was 14 members on both sides, seven matches were held, of which the members of the EGCC managed to win three against Blacheath's two. The first match with Tõnis Segerkrantz and Sander Vallaots, who played most of the game behind, brought home the match in the end. Toomas Abner and I also l were also able to mount a comeback and vanquish their opponents - to win on the 17th hole 2/1. Before the last match, the score was 3-3 and there were quite a few commentators on the club's balcony at the 18th. After ten jokes, a couple of unsuccessful strokes and comments on the situation, we finally got to know that the match was already over at 18 and ended with Estonians Allan Raassalu and club captain Jüri Reitsakas with a 3/2 victory. Jüri himself said on the last hole that he played one of his best ever games!


To be continued...