April 27, the day before the official opening of the Sea Course, 58 members played an invitational competition. The competition benefitted from all four seasons, with changes in the weather every hour - a nice change from a blazing spring sun!

Despite the weather, many payers played above themselves by exceeding 36 points. HCP 0 to 15 was won by Ando OKK ​​who posted a winning score of 38 points! Whilst he scored fewer points, Toomas Kull shot the lowest score of the day with 78 strokes. The 3rd best performance came from Anete Liis Adul with 34 points.

In class 15.1 – 28 HCP class, the clear winner was Ken-Marten with a total of 41 points. Ken Marten went round in 84 with three birdies in succession on 14, 15 and 16. Second place with 34 points was taken by Vallo Välb. Monica Pihlak came in third with 32 points.

Anneli Raukas won the second competition of the three she has participated in so far this season. In the class 28+ HCP she scored  41 points. Annika had already won the seasonal opening competition Links Masters with 45 points so, hopefully she won’t be too disappointed with this result. Anneli won as convincingly as Ken-Marten in second place merely seven points behind. If medals had been awarded at this invitational club members competition, the others would have been gained in this class by Maaja Katrin Kerem with 34 points and by Timo Plutus with 32 points.

Since we started  from the first tee and we wanted our members to enjoy themselves  (sadly the weather was most uncooperative), we organized groups of 3, hoping for 4 hour sessions, we decided not to hold the awards ceremony late in the evening. So, all awards will be personally delivered. However, the winners should prepare their speeches, as on May 26, the birthday of EGCC, the other club members would love to hear some  recollections of the competition as well as  tips on how  to play so well in such conditions. In general, a simple rule applies at the opening competition of the season – hard work in winter  will bear fruit in Spring. 

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