An advantage of the lack of winter snow is that you can start playing golf much earlier! Unless weather does something extraordinary, you can play golf at EGCC commencing on the 17th of March. 

Book your tee time in Golfbox usual. The Caddiemaster is around from 10:00. In March, the Stone Course costs €25 for 9 holes or you can pay a daily green fee of €35.  Active club member guests are entitled to a 50% discount.

Fees for seasonal playing rights should go to NGO Estonian Golf & Country Club EE652200221021614555 please. Club members have the right to play both Sea and Stone Courses for € 900 + € 125 annual membership fee. You can also separately acquire the right play Stone Course only for a €49 monthly fee or a one-off € 390 for the season.

Caddiemaster and the summer greens on the Stone Course open at 10 o'clock in the morning, but that does not mean that you can be sure, at this point, of playing. Some nights are still below freezing temperatures, and is a prerequisite for playing that the frost has melted on the greens. The clubhouse is open Friday however and you can always drink a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a bit of good company while waiting until the greens are safe to play. Give us a call before you leave home to check the situation if you like. 

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