On the third week of November took place, already the 16th, International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) which was already the tenth time for EGCC to take part of it through European Tour. IGTM took place in Mallorca where next to EGCC there where two travel agencies Golflife Travel and Baltic Breaks. IGTM is the most important fair where golf companies meet with travel agencies all over the world.

EGCC CEO Hanno Kross with Golf Life Travel representative Jüri Tiitus at EGCC fair box

Companies by their own preferences have over 50 meetings for about 20 minutes each to introduce their golf course to the travel agency for them to take their clients to new golf destinations for their golf trips. 

EGCC has been taking part of the fair through European Tour Properties organization, which now has 22 golf courses all over the world. EGCC was there at European Tour box with Black Mountain from Thailand, Constance Belle Mare from Mauritius and many other well known golf courses. European Tour had very prestigious and also very practical fair box.

Hopefully Estonian golf clubs manage to participate in IGTM all together in collaboration with our country. Competition in the field of golf is huge, there were close to half a thousand golf companies at the fair, lots of regions were represented in one fair box which shows their understanding in one thing – it is important to get the customer to the region so he will visit many golf courses and lives his money to local tourism companies. I believe that golf in Estonian has developed enough so we could all go together to 2017 Cannes in the middle of December, to show our country and show what opportunities we have in Estonia to play golf.

EGCC was together with many other European Tour Properties courses at the fair box

It was pleasant to have a conversation with lots of travel agencies who are almost convinced that Estonia is a great plece primarly to spend a long weekend of three nights and play 3-4 rounds of golf on world quality courses. EGCC has always put a lot of effort to increase the number of foreign visitors and be known not only to finnish but to further nations as well.

We can only win from it. Tourism sector is growing and Estonia isn’t a cheap boose country anymore, more and more tourists appreciate Estonian culture, history, nature and even golf courses. Now you, as a club member, might ask “what will I get from it?” - The more green fees we manage to sell, the higher quality we can offer for our members. Hopefully in the future we can see more visitors from all over the world, thanks to who we can develop our golf courses and golf itself in Estonia. 

IAGTO Gala Dinner had close to 1000 participants. 

In IGTM context IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) gave out its 2017. years (yes, next years) prices. One of the six nominees to a price named "Emerging Golf destination"  was Estonia! Unfortunately we didn't win this time, but I believe, this will not be very far in the future when we will be globally recognised, because the product we can offer here in Estonia is really good!


With best regards,

Hanno Kross


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