The prices for the next season will be more or less the same as they were this season. Playing right for Sea & Stone Course and active membership for shareholders will still be 1025€.

For those who don't have AS EGCC share yet there are three possibilities: 

1. Handicap keeping in EGCC and golfbox user   125€   (without playing rights)

2. Playing right for Stone Course    390€   (without HCP keeping and golfbox)

3. Playing right for Sea & Stone Course    1100€   (without HCP keeping and golfbox)


Pay for your playing right now and you might win your money back!

Who is interested of winning his money back, will have more change of winning, when the payment has been done in November - we will add to coupons to the raffle box for him. One coupon will be given for those who have payd their season fee in December.

On the 2nd of January at 15:00 we will pick two winners - one will get back his money payd for Sea + Stone Course playing right & membership and the other one for Stone Course playing right.

So two options:

1. Sea + Stone Course playing right & membership for 1025€

2. Stone Course playing right for 390€


Companies who are interested of our playing right for Sea + Stone Course can buy a VIP playing right which costs 1800+KM. Everyone named on a VIP list by the company can use the playing right.


Season fees can be paied to our MTÜ Estonian Golf & Country Club bank account: EE652200221021614555


We wish you the best of luck for winning back your money in the lottery. The change to win is bigger than ever, before the new Year's Eve only a 100 people will usually make their payments. 



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