Although in January and February we got very close to opening of the golf course,  the lucky nongolfers witnessed the return of a pretty snowy winter. Jõelähtme always gets more snow than Tallinn. So, the chances of opening the golf course in the next couple of weeks look slim.

Over the ten year-history of the EGCC we have normally opened the Stone Course in the first week of April . The latest opening date of the Stone Course has been April 11th  and of the Sea Course May 1st.  The last two years have been extraordinary, as we have been playing golf in all months and the opening date of the Sea Course last year was as early as April 1st. Traditionally, the opening date of the Sea Course has been later, the third weekend or the fourth week of April.

As the Stone Course has been built literally on top of limestone, it dries out rapidly in spring. Merely a couple of days of plus degrees and a few showers of rain would clean the Course. Lest we get  considerable amounts of new snow we look forward to opening the Stone Course in late March. The club quarters and the restaurant will be opened at the beginning of April.

Meanwhile we recommend everybody to polish their skills at indoor golf centers either independently or under the instruction of coaches. A reasonable volume of purposeful training would drop our  HCP-s. leading to an even greater enjoyment of golf! We wish you all successful training sessions and see you all very soon at Jõelähtme! 

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