Norm Foster is Canada’s well known playwright, whose piece will be played by four Estonian actors: Egon Nuter, Lauri Nebel, Raivo Rüütel and Sulev Teppart.

„The Foursome“ is a story about four college friends, who meet at the fifteenth reunion of their university class, and decide to play a round of golf. Though, not all of them are good golf players, they still have time to relive old times, catch up on their problems, successes, and failures.

Norm Foster is considered to be Canada's most produced playwright. His success in Canada as well as in other parts of the world has lasted for over twenty years.
One of the critics, Wellington Advertiser, has said the play to be "A memorable evening of magic. The bridges between humor and bittersweet are subtle and effective throughout."

Many N. Foster’s plays have been performed earlier and have became really popular among Estonians:

- „Wrong For Each Other“ Vanalinnastuudio
- „Sinners“ Vanalinnastuudio
- „Motor Trade“ Vanalinnastuudio
- „Drinking Alone“ Vanalinnastuudio
- „Love List“ Teater :D

„The Foursome“ will be performed at Estonian Golf & Country Club on the following dates:

Sat 13.07.2013 20:00
Wed 17.07.2013 20:00
Thu 18.07.2013 20:00
Fri 19.07.2013 20:00
Sat 20.07.2013 20:00
Sun 21.07.2013 20:00
Wed 24.07.2013 20:00
Thu 25.07.2013 20:00
Fri 26.07.2013 20:00

Tickets are sold at Estonian Golf & Country Club and Piletilevi




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