The club extends its gratitude to Avis, the main sponsor of the championship. In addition to the great prizes, Avis also made possible a musical experience from the band Kolumbus Kris.

At the club championships held on 23-24 July 2022, 15-year-old Isabel Sirel for the women and 17-year-old Richard Teder for men won the titles in the elite classes. Richard played a remarkable round on the Sea Course on the last day with score of -5, helping this young man become the club champion with a final score of -3.

In the club championship, the main sponsor of which was AVIS this year, a total of nine competition classes participated. This year there was also an important change in the championship. In order to become a champion at the Estonian Golf & Country Club, you had play on both of our courses. We played the Stone Course on Saturday and the Sea Course on Sunday. The innovation proved popular with the players, and we believe that even in the future, when the new 18-hole course at EGCC is ready, we will continue in the same way with HCP stroke play over two days on two courses.

Participating in the championship does not necessarily mean that you will or won’t win a medal. In the women's elite class, 15-year-old Danielle Truusa took fourth place by playing two of the best rounds of her life. Congratulations to Danielle and we are proud that your best rounds came in the most important club competition of the year!

EGCC 2022 Stroke Play Championship Medallists:

1. Richard Teder, 141 strokes
2. Ken-Marten Soo, 149 strokes
3. Jan Larsson, 156 strokes

1. Isabel Sirel, 159 strokes
2. Lill from Kangus, 161 shots
3. Anneli Esken, 169 strokes

1. Janar Toomesso, 148 strokes
2. Timo Olesk, 155 shots
3. Lauri Kiviloo, 158 shots

1. Eve Pärnsalu, 174 shots
2. Katre Kõvask, 179 shots
3. Ave Epner, 180 strokes

50+ MEN
1. Taavi Truusa, 153 shots
2. Heinu Klaas, 156 shots
3. Mait Schmidt, 157 strokes

1. Anu Uuemõis, 186 strokes
2. Riina Vettus, 186 strokes
3. Kersti Klaas, 189 shots

60+ MEN
1. Urmas Isok, 160 shots
2. Priit Post, 164 strokes
3. Jüri Tiitus, 170 strokes

1. Margarita Ross, 185 strokes
2. Monica Pihlak, 186 strokes
3. Linda Kahro, 198 strokes

65+ MEN
1. Auri Martti Hakomaa, 161 shots
2. Ain Tromp, 170 shots
3. Ülo Polli, 174 shots

The awards ceremony took place this year in the Klinkberg party tent. Before and after the distribution of medals, players and guests were able to shake off the cares of competition on the dance floor, where the band Kolumbus Kris entertained us all with some great music.

The prize table was fantastic once again, and our thanks go to:

Anemone Lilled

Since it rained during the ceremony and therefore our traditional picture of the medal winners was not taken, we have a small suggestion. Anyone who received a medal in the stroke play championship can bring it with them to our club's match play awards ceremony on the last Sunday in August. We play from Friday to Sunday, and then we can also take a picture of the best of this year in, both in the match play game and in the stroke game.

You can see the new club champions on our courses every week, and they can each use a personal parking space in the club's parking lot for the whole year. Congratulations to the other participants, who didn't win medals, but took home a warm feeling from a great weekend!

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