Calling all golf playing poker fans! As part of this year’s Coolbet Open we have set up a Coolbet Golf & Poker Championship to see who is able to master both of these two great sports!

The tournament will be played on Saturday 28 May starting at our Sea Course in the morning and at Hilton Tallinn Park in the evening. 

It is played as a team event with 2 players in each team in golf as well as in poker. Based on the score in golf, the teams gets a certain amount of chips in poker where we play down to a winner is found.

There will be nice prizes from Coolbet and Estonian Golf & Country Club for the top 5 teams and winners of the special competitions. 

The participation cost is €99 which includes green fee, breakfast and lunch at the golf course and dinner at the Able Butcher at Hilton as well as transportation to and from the golf course and Hilton. Please transfer the participation fee to the LHV account EE627700771001633789 of MTÜ Estonian Golf & Country Club.

You are welcome to register a full team of two players but you can also register as an individual and we will pair you with another player. Kindly note that you should be a green card holder to participate. 

  • You can register to the Coolbet Golf & Poker Championships by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • You can read more about the competition format of the Coolbet Golf & Poker Championships here.

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