Many, many members have already asked, when it will be possible to play on the Sea Course. The answer is that alas, it will not be possible in the nearest future. We were able to open the Stone Course on March 24 this year as the snow on the top part of EGCC melts quickly and the course dries out in a few days. The Sea Course still has snow on the ground in many places on the first days of April, which means that it will be several weeks until the course opens.

In a regular year, with a proper winter and plenty of snow, we have opened the Stone Course in the first week of April and the Sea Course in the third or fourth week of the month. A bad year sees the Stone Course opening up in the second week of April and the Sea Course on May 1 - more or less the same time as most of the courses in Estonia.

We had a great golfing year last year, where we played practically the whole winter with small breaks on the Stone Course, but the course was permanently open with summer greens at the end of February and we also played on the Sea Course from the end of March as a result of a dry winter and the beginning of Spring.

Given the amount of snow we had this winter and looking at the long-term weather forecast, the current plan is to open the Sea Course in the last week of April. The maintenance team, led by Paul Marley, has been working through the winter - even in February, when most of us were enjoying skiing, we removed the snow from the greens, and the main work in the coming weeks is to grow the grass. If it is 5'c outside and the sun is shining, the temperature may rise to 15'c under the covers. This gives us the opportunity to open the Sea Course with strong, healthy grass so that the huge burden on the greens in May can be withstood.

This year, two bigger competitions are expected at our club. The Estonian Amateur Open (hopefully still international) is planned for May and the European team championships for adults and juniors will take place in the first week of July. Of course, we want to offer excellent conditions for the competitors then, but the most important goal for the season is that our members can enjoy a course in good condition every day from spring to autumn. It is no fun to play on a course where it is impossible to finish a round with dry feet or clean equipment. So, we will open the Sea Course when the snow has melted and everything is nicely dry.

Da Vinci Golf Restaurant is open from Friday to Sunday in April from 11:00 to 21:00 for take away. The clubhouse is closed but the restaurant can be accessed directly from the second floor balcony. Check out the Take-Away menu and you can order food in advance by calling the restaurant on 6025 294.


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