UPDATE 27.02.2021 - snow has melted a lot and the skiing tracks are closed for this winter! 

EGCC is so beautiful that it would be a shame not to give health lovers the opportunity to visit us even in winter when golf is not possible! The EGCC ski trail is now open. The trail is 5.3km long and makes its way through the Sea Course. There are a few places where a little grass is peeking through, but with a little bit more snow we will be in great shape!

The EGCC Sea Course has an altitude difference of 30m - so you can go downhill (1 & 3 trails) as well as use longer and flatter sections (12 & 11 trails). It is certainly not a professionally maintained resort level track but it is interesting and beautiful, and a nice chance for everyone to enjoy the beautiful winter weather on the EGCC golf courses! Bring a flask! The clubhouse is closed in winter. Please stay on the trail!

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