Photo:  55+ series I competition winners Urmas Isok and Jüri Ross

From this year, the EGCC senior series is no longer 50+ but 55+ series, and there is also a change in the competition classes with the addition of a separate class is for men aged +65.

On Monday, May 25, the first competition of the season at EGCC was played and with excellent results as expected! The star of the day was Urmas Isok, who was the captain of the EGCC in 2014-2016, playing the best round of his life with 74 strokes! In the more senior age group age group, Jüri Ross, who held the position of President of the EGCC for six years in 2013-2018, achieved his first victory in the history of the series with 39 points. The best lady was Edith Alliksoo , who also scored an excellent 42 points.

Traditionally, special competitions are played within each series competition, which always gives a good opportunity to pick something from the prize table  for those who do not otherwise succeed in the game. This theory is also confirmed by this first stage of the 55+ series, where the winners of the special competitions were all different and most of them did not make the top three.

Registration for the second stage of the EGCC 55+ series is already open, a maximum of 108 players can participate. The participation fee is 22 € from the second stage instead of the current 15 €, but it also includes a steak after the game. In the second stage, there is also a special offer for 55+ series participants - those who do not have the right to play on the Sea Course can participate in the series stage instead of the € 55 green fee by paying a special € 35 green fee.

If you are interested in joining the series get in touch!


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