Booking your golf tee time today should be no more difficult than ordering a Wolt home delivery - just a few clicks on any device and it’s done! As a matter of fact we have deferred the transition to a new booking system for years, but here in 2020 we have finally arrived at a decision and selected from among hundreds of possible variants Chronogolf, which was also used last year by Saare Golf and Pärnu Bay.

Why are we making the change? The main reason is the the Golfbox system and its inability to keep up with the times. While a member of our club might still be satisfied with the functionality of the booking system, the ability for outside guests to book was far from satisfactory and this has hampered growth.

Chronogolf has 380,000 users today, whose feedback is constantly improving. For us as well as the player who wants to book 24/7, help is available both by phone and chat. It is no less important that in Estonia we already have a year of experience at two clubs as well as feedback from many golfers.

The new system gives us the opportunity to sell more packages to local players directly online, automatically linking them to player accounts without using any human resources. The system also allows for pricing according to demand for example.

As with any change, there will be some inevitable inconvenience - our new World Handicap System (WHS) central register is still in Golfbox via the Estonian Golf Union. This information cannot be reflected in the new booking system this year. The inconvenience is having two accounts - you can view your results history and register for a competition in Golfbox, or book using the "Book a Tee Time" window on our website. Another inconvenience is that in the short term - the system is in English but we will integrate Estonian in the second quarter of the year.

In an effort to balance the pros and cons, we feel the new system is for the benefit of all players, especially those who play the most at the EGCC. Looking at our own member and playing rights owner, I hope you get used to the new system quickly - booking your time becomes easier, you can do it more conveniently from your various devices, and add your playing partners.

If in doubt, when the clubhouse opens, we can also show (with sufficient distance of course!) how easy it is to book a time on the course through Chronogolf. We’ll all get used to it, and by the time life returns to normal (in May?) I believe no one will miss Golfbox, when it was often more convenient to call us than book online.

All members and EGCC game rights owners should already have received a letter from Chrongolf with their username and password. If not, have a look in your junk folder, and if you see Chronogolf typing, feel free to click on the link.

Have a nice spring a see you on the course soon!

Hanno Kross
Chairman of the Board of AS EGCC

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