The following rules are mandatory and failure to comply with them may result in a ban
on golf throughout Estonia.
1. Golf can be played by a maximum of two people per group.
2. Keep at least two meters distance from each other throughout the game,
including tees and greens.
3. The club does not accept paper score cards for EDS rounds, please use the Golfbox solution.
4. Do not shake hands or hug your playing partners.
5. Do not touch or remove the flagpoles.
6. Do not share equipment with a fellow player or touch another player's ball.
7. Use only your personal golf cart. Club buggies cannot be rented.
8. The use of golf buggies is prohibited.
9. Bunkers do not have rakes but please do your best to leave as you find.
10. All trainings with coaches are forbidden, including indivdual pro lessons
11. The range is closed.
12. You can buy food at the on-site café and restaurant, but may not eat on the premises.
13. Club members' golf bag store room is closed, fingerprint access is disabled.
14. You can buy both green fees and other products with mobile apps.
15. Park your cars at least 2 meters apart
16. Please do not post on EGCC social media
Additional information:
• The toilets are open on the course.
• Exit Golf Shop is open but we recommend ordering goods online or pre-ordering for pick up.
• There are no litter boxes and no ball cleaning equipment on the course.
• Please put drink and food packaging in your golf bag, and after your game you can throw
the packaging away at the clubhouse or take it home.
Please take these restrictions seriously. We will beat this virus and the faster it happens,
the better for all of us. Hopefully most of the golf season will be unrestricted and fun.
So, let's do this!
Management Board of AS EGCC

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