This year's Jõelähtme Golf Club Cup, or EGCC Trophy, will be played on Sunday, September 29 on the Sea Course as a one-day event. We will play a HCP stoke play format and all the tee boxes will be used according to the competition class. The competition classes are general men's and women's, mid-amateurs and seniors. The names of the best players will be engraved on the historic EGCC Trophy Cup.

Last year Henri Pikk of the men won by 75 strokes and Anneli Esken of the women by 85 strokes. This time we kick off at 13:30 with a maximum of 100 players. The entry fee is €89 including both green fees and pre and post meals. Club members with individual Sea Course playing rights pay €59. We remind you that you can secure a place in the competition by transferring the entry fee to bank account EE737700771003381822. When registering through the Golfbox, all players will initially go to the waiting list, and from the waiting list, we will add players according to the order in which the transfers are made.


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