Dear golfers - we'll be changing the way we use our half way house cafe from September. The café is still self-catering, but the door is open only to players with an entry code. The door entry code changes every week. When you go to play, check the week's code in the clubhouse, take a picture, or file it away in your biological memory bank. The cafe this season is a bit different from before and the whole system is built on self-service and trust. The purpose of the cafe is to provide players with drinks, snacks, dried berries, chocolate, nuts, etc., to restore their primal urges to perform. When selecting the products that are right for you, we ask you to pay for the products immediately with a bank card at the self-service console. Through the automated trail cafe, we hope to provide all players with a quick solution to regain fluid and energy, and enjoy eating and drinking with fellow golfers. 

Of course Da Vinci Golf Restaurant on the 2nd floor of the clubhouse, where food is quick and tastes good and the “Coffee station", where you can also buy hot drinks, water, soft drinks and beer for the course, and also fast body snacks, muesli bars, dried berries, chocolate and nuts are also available to all.


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