Ene Tuul, pictured here second from left, with her fellow golfers in 2017 in the match between Niitvälja and EGCC ladies

1. The Club new General Secretary
We are pleased to announce that our club member, Ene Tuul, will be the general secretary of our club as of June 16th. Ene is a great golfer who wants to start helping the club get bigger and better. Her ‘to do’ list is already quite long, but the first steps are to help organize both Matchplay and Anniversary tournaments, find sponsors and, of course, ensure smooth communication with club members and the AS EGCC team who is responsible for the course maintenace and everyday service. General Secretary is a new position in the club, let’s wish Ene every success in her new role!

2. The Anniversary Tournament Date has Changed
Several club members have written to the Captain saying that they would like a change in the schedule away from the working week. Thanks to good collaboration with the club, the decision postpone the Anniversary Tournament has been made. Please make a note of the new date: Sunday 30 June. More details can be found on the club website


3. Please repair the pitch marks.
In the words of the Golden Bear, please correct your own and your friend's ball marks. We want to have our greens rolling like Augusta! Have a look at the image to check the correct procedure for repairing ball marks.

4. Club Membership Discount at Da Vinci Jõelähtme Restaurant
The question is whether the discount is available to members. The answer is yes, of course! You only need to present an ID card before paying.


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