The annual EGCC Matchplay Championship is coming soon! All members of the EGCC are invited to compete for the Championship title. We will start the competition on May 31, when the competition tables will be posted. The competition is for both women and men, and all rounds will be played on the Sea Course.

Compared to previous years, the competition format has changed significantly this year. To begin with, we sort all golfers on the final date of registration by hcp and put them into subgroups similar to WGC-Dell Matchplay.

According to the number of registered participants, we divide the participants into 4-member groups, where in the first round all the competitors play the round until the until the winner / loser is established. The winner get 1 and the loser gets 0 points. The winners of each subgroup will move on to the second round.

NB! All participants will play at least 3 rounds this time. If the number of registered players does not allow four subgroups to be compiled, there may be 3 participants in some groups.

The subgroup games take place for women from the red and for men from the yellow tees. The following rounds of play will move to the blue and white tees respectively.

A detailed competition guide is available HERE (in Estonian).

The deadline for registering for the competition is Tuesday, May 27 at 6 pm via Golfbox. The entry fee for Sea Course's EGCC members is € 39, with a green fee (where applicable) of € 61, which is valid for all rounds of play. Each competitor plays at least 2-3 rounds. The fee is one-time and includes all rounds of play, regardless of how many matches a player plays.

Finals will be held on August 4, 2019. The Championship victors will get their prizes at the EGCC Club Championships. The top three players in both groups will be recognized with prizes and cups. The male and female winner of the Matchplay Championships will also be rewarded with a personalised wardrobe at the EGCC.

See you on the course!
Competition team

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