Many golfers over the age of 50 make their summer golfing plan primarily with the EGCC 50+ series competition dates in mind. We are pleased to announce that the fixture list for this year's competition is ready.
The first stage will be played on May 13th. The 50+ series will be managed by Toomas Tammemäe instead of Toomas Kulli this year. Anyone interested in the 50+ series is invited to the EGCC seminar room on the April 4th to brainstorm ideas on the series and competition formats. Do we continue as before? Shall we add more team formats? Should we start a +65 series?
All suggestions are welcome and if you can't participate on April 4th, you can safely forward your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. EGCC 50+ series is one of the most fun forms of golf at our club and we are sure this year will bring some new twists and turns.
EEGCC 50+ series schedule:
13.05 Stage I
27.05 Stage II
10.06 Stage III
01.07 Stage IV
22.07 Step V
05.08 Step VI
26.08 Stage VII
02.09 Step VIII
23.09 Stage IX

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