Dear club members! The season has already progressed to the stage when we can measure our progress against our clubmates. On the first weekend of August, the two-day EGCC championships will be held in several different categories including a new 65+ age class. All the club and candidate members, can play in the EGCC championship regardless of where your HCP is currently being held. The Championship is played on the Sea Course and as a pure stroke-play game, so HCP is not counted in the results. By registering for the competition, let us know in the comments also in which class you wish to compete. Competition classes are below:
Club champions - men playing from the black tees (6504m) and women from blue tees (5318m)
MidAm Men (30+) White Tees (6202m) and Women Red Tees (5098m)
Men (50+) yellow tees (5692m) and Women (50+) reds (5098m)
Men (60+) Blue Tees (5318m) and Women (60+) Red Tees (5098m)
Men veterans in the 65+ age class blue Tees (5318m)
Juniors in the age group U15 girls red Tees (5098m) / boys yellow tees (5692m)
The Club Championship is open to all members who have paid membership fees for this year and whose HCP is 28.0 or lower.
Entry fees:
Members who have individual Sea Course game rights: € 49
Members who do not have individual Sea Course rights: € 89
Junior U15: € 29
The competition fee also includes breakfast until 11:00 and late afternoon dinner, as well as amps and Saku refreshments.

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