On the 25th of May on the Sea Course, one of the most anticipated tournaments of the season took place. We decided to send out all 100 contestants at the same time to ensure that everyone could enjoy dinner later and this decision undoubtedly paid off. The weather was so beautiful all day that the award ceremony and dinner were also organized in the open air. On all 3 short holes on the Sea Course, we set up a "Nearest to the Flag" challenge. On the 5th, the closest were: on the 5th, Ando Okk (2.30m), on the 8th, Raido Raamat 8 (1.75m), on the 10th: Visitor Sami Lentilä (1.54m) and on the 17th, Üllar Esinurm (1.32m). There were 4 categories this time. In the handicap 28.1-54 group players competed in a a points game. In third place was Riho Rasmann with 30 points, the second spot went to Heigo Soppe with 31 points and Tanel Aavik won with 38 points. Results from the men’s handicap 15,1-28 category were Kytäjä Golf Club's Mika Aho's in 3rd place. The result of the first and second places was a tie at -6, but with his higher HCP (20.8), Andero Mardo came 2nd and Leho Aros, whose HCP was 19.8 was crowned the winner. 19 women competed in one category. The third and fourth places played -1, Linda Kahro was fourth with the higher HCP, and third was Katre Kõvask. Second place was taken by Kersti Klaas (-2) and the winner was Heli Laar (-3). The highest number of participants (47) was in the men's handicap group up to 15. In this group, third was taken by Henri Pikk (-2), the first and second place result was again the same, -3. Tõnu Tsernant (HCP 14.0) got second place in the end and Üllar Esinurm (HCP 10.8) was the winner.

All Anniversary Tournament results are available HERE.

The next club competition, the EGCC President Cup will be held in 2 weeks, on June 10th. You can register for the competition until the 8th of June in Golfbox or call Caddiemaster on 6,025,290.

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