EGCC greenkeeping team preparing the course for the 3rd round of Men's European Championship in August 2016. 
Photo: Hanno Kross

The EGCC 2018 Club Calendar is already quite busy. We will continue with our signature competitions, one of which is very special. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, we are organising an EV100 birthday competition, which will be open to anyone interested in a three-day, 72 hole event from 18-20 August.
• The season begins as usual on our Stone Course, while in Augusta the Masters is played out. The EGCC Links Masters by Delux will be held on Sunday, April 8th.
• On April 29, we will play the Sea Course Opening Competition as a new competition celebrate the opening of the main course.
• Our birthday competition - the EGCC Anniversary Tournament is traditionally held at the end of May and this season it will be on Friday, May 25th.
• The President’s Cup, which is usually very much over-subscribed takes place on Sunday, June 10th
• On Monday, June 18, we play the EGCG Marathon, which is traditionally a 42 hole affair with 18 on the Sea Course, 18 on the Stone Course and finishing up with 6 on the Sea Course.
• In July 8-13, the Rotary World Championships will take place in Estonia, including one day on the EGCC Sea Course
• At the same time, with the Open Championship, we always play the EGCC Captain’s Challenge and the competition will be held on Friday, July 20th
• We will play the Club Championship this year from 4-5 August
• One of the most prominent competitions in the year will certainly be the EV100 golf competitions, in which everybody can play 72 tracks in a stroke game or join on the last day, August 20, to celebrate Republic Day on the anniversary of our Republic. In the framework of the competition, we will also issue the EGCC Trophy title. We commence on Saturday July 18, when we play 27 holes (18 on the Sea Course, 9 on the Stone Course), on Sunday we will also play 27 with the last round on the Sea Course on Monday, August 20. Anyone who does not want to play 72 holes can join the one-day competition on the Sea Course on August 20th, after which we will come together for a celebration.
• On September 30th, we will play the last Sea Course competition of the season, which we will be a first for us.
• At the beginning of October on 6-7 October our regular two-day game on the Stone Course will be held – namely the Links Championship
The Cross Country competition will be played on Sunday, October 28th
• We will finish the season Saturday, November 3

Please be sure to add the most important dates to your calendar. Of course, in addition to our traditional competitions, we will also organize other events throughout the year. So, anyone who has an interest in doing a smaller or bigger event at the Estonian Golf & Country Club is welcome to contact us in advance to book the best days. The EGCC team has a great deal of experience in hosting all sorts of golfing events from small society competitions right up to World Cup qualifiers and European Championships

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