What will August bring this year? Now we are over the hump of the season and have been able to enjoy 3 months of these beautiful golf courses and ever improving greens, it is time to look towards the twilight of the season. Below is a brief overview of the most important events of August  at the club.

On the first day of the month, Niitvälja and EGCC seniors teams will meet and hold their annual competition.

On August 3, we will have an interesting friendship meeting with NATO soldiers, where we play an EGCC vs. NATO game. Each team has 12 members and we are recruting reserve players only at the moment. Looking forward to the fun and games on and off the course!

In the second weekend of August, we have the annual club championships, where we play in nine different categories. The practice rounds are all day on Thursday, August 10, and at 4:00 pm on Friday 11 August. If you want to play on Friday, let Caddiemaster know and he will put groups together.

On the last weekend of August, we play a friendly match with our only official partner club, the oldest golf club in the world, the Royal Blackheath Golf Club (RBHGC). With the club, founded in 1608 in England, we play a friendly match for the Mait Schmidt Cup every two years. It is an extraordinary honor that RBHGC has given us the opportunity to play, as they play quite a few matches each year. Contrary to the NATO competition, in which all our club members can participate, the men in the RBHGC match who have a club jacket are first in line. In the second order, come those who attended last time in the year 2015 in England. In third order are those who previously participated and the fourth are members wishing to participate. English language skills are also primary so that we can spend time with our guests pleasurably. Requests for participation ... please send me a mail.

On the 7th of August, the next Rising Star stage (this time on the Sea Course) is scheduled, on August 9, the K-Rauta 5th stage is on the Sea Course, Fortinet and Friends is on August 9 on the Stone Course and onthe 28th The popular EGCC 50+ series takes place.

Estonian veterans play with us on August 29th.

And Ladies Night Out will be played on August 15th. All women are welcome with girlfriends!

In addition, there are several corporate events which are often open. There is also a meeting with Krzysztof Misiaczyński, the maintenance manager of our course, on August 23 at 3:00 pm, after which we can go onto the course. Of course, Kris expects feedback from members about what to change and what jobs to do to make the grounds even better. Kris will introduce of the autumn preparation period plan and larger planned work. We look forward to welcoming you to the EGCC to enjoy your days and enjoy the last of the joys of Summer. 

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