Starting from July 10th, EGCC will get started with its annual HCP match play competition for men, juniors and women. In addition to the excitement of competing over several months, you will also have the opportunity to meet new clubmates with whom you might not otherwise play.

The game format for the HCP match play game means that your handicap will be taken into account when playing. This means that a player with a higher HCP often gets help on harder holes. So, the format of the game makes it equally exciting for all players regardless of proficiency.

The registration deadline is 8 July and on July 9 the first-round gaming pairs will be released and matches will be played in accordance with a timetable. The EGCC HCP Match Play will begin on July 10 and will end on 8 October. Players will have several weeks to schedule each match - so it will not be difficult to agree on a convenient match time. The first round must be played within three weeks, or between 10.07-30.07.

The participation fee is € 25, and applies to all those who do not have the right to play the Sea Course. The winner will be announced at the end of the EGCC season at the end of October. 

Competition rules can be found here, and please enroll in Golfbox.

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