The members and candidate members of the association may be all natural and legal persons who apply for membership and:

  • are interested in achieving the association's aim; 
  • acknowledge the provisions of the Statutes of MTÜ Estonian Golf and Country Club, golf rules adopted by the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews and the principle of Fair Play; 
  • make payments to the association following the order established by the Statutes and the competent authority of the association; 
  • have a valid Green Card; 
  • have a valid permanent playing right in AS EGCC Jõelähtme golf course (own an AS EGCC share) or who help to obtain the club's goals*.

    *ex candidatemembers

Find the application form here: Application
Application for candidate members


The membership of the association is individual and is not transferable.

The board shall decide about the membership. The members shall be excluded by the decision of the board or by legislation.

The members have a right to participate in all events and occasions arranged by the association. The members shall nominate candidates for being appointed members of the board.

The members of the association shall follow the statutes and provisions of the association's authorities and pay on the regular basis and without delays the membership fee and other payments.

A complete and exact list of the rights and obligations of the members has been published in the Statutes of MTÜ Estonian Golf & Country Club (link - "Articles of Association").


All shareholders of AS EGCC are welcome to become members of Estonian Golf & Country Club and non shareholders are welcome to become candidatemembers* of Estonian Golf & Country Club!

*Estonian Golf & Country Club candidate membership is valid three years without owning an
Ldt EGCC share.